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Resourceful Marines: by CWO Ralph Thiemt, USMC (Ret)

Resourceful Marine kicking back at desk s a former adjutant, I have been associated with a number of colorful individuals wearing sergeant major chevrons. One such old salt that I encountered came to us in an administrative billet straight out of the field where he had spent his twenty plus years.

He was thoroughly unfamiliar with office procedures and all the techniques associated therewith. I was curious how he was getting along in this unfamiliar role so one day while he was out I strolled through his office. His filing system was unique in that two drawers of his desk were labeled "Them They Wrote" and "Them We Wrote".

Another one who was assigned to us had a two tiered "In" and "Out" box on his desk. The "In" box was on top and the "Out" was underneath. Closer observation indicated that the "In" box had no bottom!!!!

Tell me Marines aren't resourceful.

Semper Fi!

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