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Protein Power: What's the Deal? Part II, by Tony Haynes
o Marine pays attention to what he puts in his body ardchargers, motivators and Devildogs. Oo-rah oo-rah and a highly motivated oo-rah from the big dawg, Tony Haynes. Welcome to another editorial from Semper Fitness. The last few issues focused on the protein power plans and how they work. Today what I want to do is give you a short list that you can go by to help you decide what to eat and when. Thereís no time for idle chatter. Letís get on with the scoop.

*All ideas can be viewed in the Basic Diet Manual from "The Atkins Answer"*

Breakfast ideas:
Ham, cheese and mushroom omelet
Bacon and scrambled eggs
Smoked fish with cream cheese
Poached eggs and trout
Salmon omelet
Fried eggs and sausage
Soft-boiled eggs with bacon
Deviled eggs and ham
Over easy eggs with sardines
Shrimp omelet
Scramble eggs with ham
Crabmeat omelet
Fried eggs with bacon
Medium-boiled eggs with sausage

Lunch suggestions
Chef salad with hard-boiled eggs
Bacon cheeseburger (no bun)
Half chicken with salad
Sole with bed of greens
Tuna salad with bacon
Chicken salad with radicchio and arugula
Turkey breast with cucumber salad
Hamburger (no bun)
Chef salad with sliced duck, chicken and turkey
Seafood salad on Romaine
Stir-fry with beef, celery, mushrooms and peppers
Lobster salad
Cottage cheese with tuna
Mixed salad with cheddar cheese and sardines

Dinner ideas
Rack of lamb
Poached salmon
Roast chicken
Filet mignon
Lobster tails
Seafood skewers
Lamb shish kabob
Shrimp cocktail
Steamed mussels
Roast beef
Grilled tuna
Pork tenderloin venison burgers
Shrimp scampi

Notes: All dinners should include a fresh green salad. (The salad helps supply the body with vitamins).

Celery filled with peanut butter
Turkey and Swiss cheese roll ups
Roast beef spread with a little mayo, rolled up
Cheddar cheese squares
Swiss cheese cubes wrapped in bacon
Guacamole served on lettuce
Deviled eggs

These are just some of the foods that you have to choose from. In the future issue, Iíll get more in depth and specific about what foods you can and cannot eat. Until then stay pumped, stay motivated and oo-rah!

Semper Fi!

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