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his is the big dawg, here with another motivating article on fitness and nutrition. I hope the holidays were good to you. I hope you had lotsof turkey, stuffing and macaroni and cheese. Whew! I better cut it out.I'm getting hungry. Anyway, I hope you had a good time. Now many of youare looking in the mirror and thinking, "wow, I've really gained a fewpounds. I need to lose some weight." Well the first place you have tostart is in the area of food. During the holidays, you eat whateverwhenever. Now it's time to restrict the diet a little. Well, this issue ofSemper Fitness we're going to show you how to tighten up your meals and makethem lighter on the stomach, hips and thighs. Let's get smokin'.

My intention in this article is to show you an example of a meal anddemonstrate how the omission of a few items can really lighten it up. Ourexample today will be breakfast:

MEAL: grams fat total calories

2 eggs 11.2 158
3 slices of bacon 12.5 156
2 slices of toast (white w/butter [1 pat], jam [1 tsp]) 10 236
1 glass orange juice (8 oz). 0 110 33.7 660

As you can see, this breakfast meal would yield a nice amount ofcalories. This meal gets about 45% of the calories coming from fat (33.7 x9/660 = 45.9). Not the most nutritious meal in the world as you can see.Now let's change it around a little bit.

2 eggs (one yolk removed) 5.6 79
3 slices of bacon (center cut) 6 54
2 slices of toast (white no butter, jam [1 tsp]) 2 18
1 glass orange juice (8 oz) 0 110 13.6 261

Notice that just by taking out a few things (yolk, butter), you canlighten up any meal. You should try this method with other meals during theday. As you get used to eating this way, you'll notice the pounds fall off.Well, that's the skinny this week. Learn to eat like the professionaltrainers and you'll stay fit as a fiddle. From the extreme motivator, staypumped, stay motivated and OO-RAH!

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