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emper Fidelis, motivators. It's the big dawg here. Ready to bring you another motivating article from Semper Fitness. Now that we've answered some of your questions, let's get back to some hardcore workouts. The extreme workout of the day will be the "Masih workout". I'll have to give you a little background on how this workout got its name. One portion of this Physical Training (PT) session involves a run that we few call an Indian Run. How it got that name, I don't know. Anyway, One of my Marines is of Indian lineage. Not American Indian, but from India. While running, I yell out to the platoon to switch to an Indian Run and Cpl Masih says to me, "SSgt, this workout should be named after me". I told the hardcharger that I would, and now I'm going to share this PT session with you. Let's get started.

This PT session will help to develop your speed on runs of 2 to 3 miles and maintain upper body fitness. For the session, you'll need a pull-up bar and a 400 meter track. Of course, before you start your PT session you need to do a good ten minute stretching routine. Ensure that you stretch your back, quads, hamstrings and calves. After stretching we can move on to the workout.

You are going to begin you session near the pull-up bar. Direct the Marines to conduct 30 - 40 pull-ups (you choose the number) and 50 - 60 crunches. It doesn't matter how fast they go or in what order. After they finish the pull-ups and crunches have them form up in a column of twos, threes, or fours, depending on the number of Marines you have. Run in formation to the track. Once you get there, start running around the track as a unit. Run very slow. Once you get back around to the point that you started, have the unit sprint one lap around. Tell them to slow back down to a very, very slow jog when they get back to the start point. They will slow jog around the track as a unit again until they come back to that arbitrary start point. Once they reach that point, have them sprint another lap around the track. Again, once they get to the start point have them slow jog another lap around. This time, when they get to the start point, have them form one long single file line. Once they form the single line, you tell the last person in the line to sprint to the front of the line. Each person, once they become the last one in the line, will sprint to the front and then slow down to a slow jog with the rest of the line. This is known as an Indian Run. Again, how it got its name, I have no idea.

Maybe, one of our readers can give me some insight or I'll have to do a little more research. After you conduct one to two laps around in the Indian Run fashion, run the unit back to the point you started near the pull-up bars. This concludes your PT session. You can also tailor it for yourself as an individual by dropping the Indian Run and adding a couple of extra sprint/slow jog laps around the track. If you do this workout once a week for about a month, It's bound to help your times on the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) by getting your legs used to that lactic acid burn you feel when you have to push yourself harder on the run.

I hope you enjoyed PT this week. Be careful, the holidays are upon us. A little extra PT may be necessary. Stay tuned for more articles on diet, exercise and fitness from the extreme motivator. Stay pumped, stay motivated and oo-rah!

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