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n 1998, a few good men got together to start The principal motivating factor was a heart attack suffered by the retired Marine Captain, Dennis Beck, the father of three Marines. It was felt by his family and friends, that the difficulties and stress associated with transitioning out of the Marine Corps, at least partially contributed to his heart attack. Much of the stress associated with the transition had less to do with new challenges faced in the civilian world, than being uprooted from a culture of excellence that had represented Captain Beck's home and the extended family.

On a broad scale, the founders of concluded that remaining a part of and contributing to the Marine Corps community was an integral part of who they had become as Marines, regardless of their non-active status. Also, they recognized that they were not unique in feeling this way--that, in fact, all Marines have a powerful drive to remain active within the Marine Corps community. The founders further realized that it takes the whole Marine Corps community to serve the Marine Corps community and were determined to do their part. Hence, was born on August 16, 1998 to give Marines a place to reastablish themselves with, and remain part of, the Marine Corps community.

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