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Sleeping with the Snakes
by Grady R. Stone

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Resourceful Marines
by CWO Ralph Thiemt (Ret)

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by Gunny Mac

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The True Meaning of Semper Fi
by Anonymous

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The First Battle Flag in the New War
by Sean Fontaine

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Kat, Cold Weather
by GySgt Edwin B. Dillard

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The First Battle Flag of the New War by Sean Fontaine

Once Bitten by MGySgt Bill Wood (Ret)

Snake Bite by Jason Belcher

Down in a Hole by Jason Belcher

It Backfired! by MGySgt Phil Coulson (Ret)

Arranged Marriage by Diane Rybitsky

Believe it or Not! by G.I. Cressman

Who's Got a Compass? by G.I. Cressman

The Beach: Guam, Marianas Islands
21 July 1944
by Bill Miller

No Hablo Espanol? by Bob Forsee

Angel in the Sky by W.D. Oz

Now I Know My ABCs by Cpl. A.B. Cook

The Day it Rained Boondockers at Panmunjom by MSgt. Bob Jennings (Ret)

Welcome to Viegas, Puerto Rico by Gunny Mac

Kat, Cold Weather (1 ea.) by GySgt. Edwin B. Dillard

Thank You, Marines
From the U.S.S. Cole

Black Flag Day by Patrick Frantz

And the Winner is...

The Great Santini at MCAS Beaufort by Frank Scoggins

Calling All Sea Stories

Don't Drink the Water by Frank Scoggins

Memoirs of Earl Dunlap by Earl Dunlap

Hanging Tough by SgtMaj. George S. Kulas

Creepy, Crawly Creatures by Romac

Mystery Theatre by G.I. Cressman

Skinning a Cat by Gunny Mac

Spic 'n' Span by Gunny Mac

a Persian Gulf story
by Douglas N. Sversko

Without Skipping a Beat
The story
by Cam Beck

A Tribute to Right Guide by MGySgt. E.M. Murray (Ret)

Answer "Up" Anonymous

Midget Marine by Ralph L. Browner

Over the Horizon by W.D. Oz

Terror Taxi
Part II
by Gunny Mac

The True Meaning of Semper Fi Anonymous

Fun in the Land of the Sand and the Sun by G.M. Miles

The Big Gap
by Cam Beck

Odin, Let it Rain! by John A. Diaz

Contraband by Frank Thomas

UH-1B Veteran Tribute by Brian Mitchell

Stars and Stripes Forever! by Dennis Beck, Jr.

Wanna be Guide? by Jacob Smith

No... It's Wabbit Season! by William D. Powell

Know Your History...
or Else!
by Anonymous

Big, Bad, and Unconscious by Gunny Mac

Y'know... Maybe We Should Reconsider by Lloyd McFarland

A Debt Owed, Now Paid Anonymous

Chicken with a Bull by Gunny Mac

Swimming with the Big Fish by W.D. Oz

How Long Can You Hold YOUR Breath? by Harrison Greene

Gravity. It's Not Just Safe. It's the Law. by G.M. Miles

Burning Buns by G.I. Cressman

To My Father the Hero... by Dennis Beck, Sr.

Gunny Darkhelmet by Jack Maxwell

Our Brothers at Sea by A Marine Wife

All in the Family by Texas Fred

A Day in the Life of a GRUNT by W.D. Oz

The Dentist and the Menace by G.I. Cressman

Gangway! by Cam Beck

Knees in the Breeze by William Yancey

Desert Coffee Nuts by David Couvillon

U.A.: Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. by Harrison Greene

Is That a Magnet in Your Pocket? by G.I. Cressman

#1 Puppy by Dave Blackledge

It's a Matter of Honor...
You can't renege on a bet
by Phil Kuhl

Baptism Under Fire by G.I. Cressman

True Marine... True Father by Stan Glass

O Key Timing by Dave Couvillon

Lest We Forget... by Harrison Greene

Gas! Gas! Gas! by D. Flick

Where There's a First Sergeant, There's a Way Anonymous

Thundering Heads by W.D. Oz

Manual of Sword by Jack Maxwell

Things that go BOOM in the night by Harrison Greene

When you Gotta Go you Gotta Go by Harrison Greene

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